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make wildewood Beautiful holiday lights contest

 Let’s Make Wildewood Beautiful for the Holiday Season!

Outdoor Holiday Lighting Contest


1. All Wildewood residents are eligible to enter

2. The contest will be judged on Saturday evening, December 14.  You must have your decorating completed and lights turned on at dark on that date.

3. Judges will tour the neighborhood to view and judge the entries.

4. You must enter in order to be eligible to win. Prizes will be gift cards donated by local businesses and Wildewood residents. (Please let us know if you’d like to donate).


All entries will be judged by a team from outside the neighborhood. Prizes will be awarded for the following:

1. Best overall

2. Most creative

3. Funniest

4. Best Design by a child 12 and under* (see specifics below).

You must email or text your name and address to: or 972-567-2887 by noon on Saturday December 7 in order to participate.

*If you have children 12 and under and they help design your decorations, please include their names on the entry. PLEASE DO NOT endanger your children by making them get on the roof and hang lights. Their job is to provide ideas and guidance for the decorations, it’s your job to get on the roof!