December 2018 News

December 2018


Board Meetings

The December Board meeting will be held on the normally scheduled date, December 8, 2018 at 11 AM. The board will meet in executive session at 10:00 AM to discuss potential enforcement actions.

Outdoor Holiday Light Contest

Judging will be December 15, 2018. Details are provided at the end of this message, so start working on your decorating plans! Prizes will be donated gift cards, so if anyone would like to donate a small gift card to be offered as a prize, please contact a board member (contact info is at the bottom of this message).  We’re looking to forward to everyone’s bright and creative entries and seeing Wildewood come to life!

Abandoned Structures

WOA is currently working with the Henderson County Fire Marshall’s office to identify and manage abandoned structures in Wildewood. To date, 16 properties have been identified.  If the structures are deemed unsafe because they are not properly secured, the Fire Marshall’s office is working to contact the owners. If the property does not have a legal owner (which is the case where some of the property owners of record are deceased) they will work through legal channels to attempt to remedy the situation. The legal processes to get these properties cleaned up will take time but the board and the Fire Marshall are committed to taking action on these properties where possible.

If you know of abandoned properties and would like to ensure that they have been added to the list, please contact a board member.


Planning for the 2019 mowing season is underway and the board is discussing various alternatives. Bids for mowing will be taken from several local mowing services, so if you would like to recommend a mowing contractor who would like to submit a bid, please contact a board member.


The agency that WOA worked with previously was sold to a new agency in 2018. The board is currently working with the new company as well as other local insurance agents to negotiate the best rates for our coverage for 2019. If anyone would like to recommend an insurance agent who is willing to work with a home owner’s association, please contact a board member.

Leaf Disposal

To reduce the amount of leaf burning in the community and to help prevent erosion of the area surrounding the community center, the board approved dumping of leaves, pine needles and small sticks only from Wildewood residents only for a trial period this fall.