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February Updates

2020 Maintenance Fees Reminder

2020 Maintenance Fees were due by January 31. For those who have taken care of them, a huge thanks. If you have not yet paid your 2020 fees, please mail them to PO Box 415 Chandler, TX 75758 or contact us at 903-202-0964 or We’re happy to meet with you and pick up your payment if that’s easier. If you have a financial hardship and need to set up a payment plan, please contact us.

Henderson County Tax Sale

Henderson County will be conducting a tax sale on March 3, 2020. There are two properties in Wildewood that are currently included in the sale, Block 8, Lots 92 and 93 and Block 10, Lots 47 and 48. The link to the information is here you can call the County’s legal representatives for more information (903) 675-6182.

Neighborhood Cleanup

The days are getting longer and it’s soon going to be time to start spending more time outdoors. Please take a look at your property and see if there is any clean up you need to do. If your place is good and your neighbor needs help, offer to lend a helping hand. We will soon be conducting some spring clean up projects on the common areas and need volunteers to help with those, please contact a board member if you can help.

Board Election

Before you know it, it will be June again and time for the annual meeting and election. We will be forming a nominating committee soon and looking for volunteers to run for the board. Please consider running for a spot on the board. We have some good momentum going and would love to see some new people get involved in helping make Wildewood great again.

Need a roof or septic repairs, or a new septic system or roof?

Our area is eligible for a USDA program that pertains to rural areas and is designed to help lower income families stay in their homes when repairs are needed. There are very low interest loans (1%) and some grants available depending on age and income. For more information, you can call the Regional USDA office in Canton at 903-567-6051 extension 4 or find more information on the website Local septic installers are also aware of this program and might be able to help provide information if you are getting an estimate from one of them.


With the recent heavy rains, numerous areas in Henderson County including Wildewood experienced flooding. Keeping the drainage ditches working properly is a joint responsibility of the property owner and the county. The county can clean and maintain the ditches but cannot clean the culverts under the driveways, they belong to the property owner. Please ensure your culverts are allowing water to flow freely and not flooding your neighbors. If you are not able to clear a culvert yourself, please contact a board member and we will try to help find volunteers to help out.

If your culvert is permanently clogged, the county will install a new one at no charge but the property owner must obtain the culvert themselves. If you are in such a situation, please contact the Precinct 3 County Commissioner Chuck McHam’s office at (903) 469-3430. They will schedule someone to come out and review your property and help determine what size culvert is required.

There have been extensive water backups on Indianola recently and the County will be coming out to work on those ditches when it is dry enough for them to do that. If there are other areas where the ditches are not draining properly, you can report them to the Commissioner at (903) 469-3430.

On a positive note, the drainage repairs made to the Community Center at the end of 2019 were successful and no water entered the building, even in the recent heavy rains.

Loose Dogs

There have been numerous reports of loose dogs in the neighborhood recently. The Henderson County Animal Control Ordinance can be found on the Wildewood website at Dogs running at large (off the owner’s property) can be impounded by the County so please ensure your dogs are on your property or on a leash at all times. Animal Control in our area is provided by the Animal Control deputies from the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office. They can be contacted by calling the Dispatch Office at (903) 675-5128 and asking for Animal Control. 


There have been a few recent instances in various areas of Wildewood where excessively loud music has disturbed neighbors. Please be considerate of your neighbors when playing music, it would be greatly appreciated by all.

Buying a Property on Contract from the Previous Owner

If you are buying a Property in Wildewood and making payments to the previous owner, it is in your best interest to record the sale contract with the county. This can allow you to claim the homestead exemption and lower your property taxes. There is a document describing how to do the recording on the website under Documents