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COVID-19 Pool rules and wildewood cleanup

 WOA Pool COVID-19 Rules and Requirements-5/21/20 – Subject to change without notice

Under Governor Abbott’s Executive Order Starting at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, May 8, 2020 the following may reopen:

Swimming pools; provided, however, that (i) indoor swimming pools may operate at up to 25 percent of the total listed occupancy of the pool facility; (ii) outdoor swimming pools may operate at up to 25 percent of normal operating limits as determined by the pool operator; and (iii) local public swimming pools may so operate only if permitted by the local government.

The normal load limit for the Wildewood pool is 130 people as regulated by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Therefore, given the current Executive Order the maximum number of people allowed in the pool area at one time will be 32 people. 

Many organizations have chosen not to open their pools yet this summer and some may not open them at all. The WOA Board has elected to open the pool with a number of safety restrictions in place but if these restrictions are not observed, WOA reserves the right to close the pool due to the COVID-19 pandemic safety concerns or due to changes from the Governor’s office or Henderson Country.

According to the CDC there is no evidence that COVID-19 can spread to people through the water used in pools, hot tubs, or water playgrounds.

Please be considerate of your neighbors and observe these restrictions so that everyone who would like to use the pool can do so.

1. Until further notice, Wildewood property owners and immediate family only. No outside guests and please limit your family group to six (6) or fewer to avoid overcrowding.

2. Limit your time at the pool to one hour if there are others waiting.

3. Bring your own folding chairs or towels/blankets to sit on, there will be no shared furniture. You may bring a small table. All belongings must be taken with you when you leave.

4. Maintain a distance of at least six (6) feet from other family groups both in and out of the pool. Six feet is not required for members of the same family.

5. Wash your hands often, hand soap is provided in the bathrooms. Cover your cough or sneeze.

6. Cloth face coverings are encouraged but not required in the pool area. DO NOT wear face coverings in the pool.

7. If you are sick or believe you may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus STAY HOME.

8. If you are high risk, please consider staying home for your own safety.

9. If you use the pool and later learn you have been exposed to or have contracted COVID-19, please contact WOA immediately at 903-202-0964 or

The pool areas will be cleaned and sanitized each evening and high touch areas will be cleaned periodically during the day.


The Wildewood Cleanup Day is scheduled for May 30 from 10AM - 2 PM. All Wildewood Residents are encouraged to participate. Please use the Send Us an Email form on the Home page if you would like more information.