Helpful Links

Animal Control

We are located in an unincorporated area within Henderson County, so services are provided by the County.

Henderson County Animal Shelter

Animal Control Ordinance

For Animal Control, call the Sheriff's department and ask for the Animal Control deputies  903 675 5128

Crime and Safety

In an emergency DIAL 911 immediately.

Please contact the Henderson County Sheriff's department to report suspicious activities  903 675 5128

If you have information about a crime, you can report that to Henderson County Crime Stoppers


In an emergency DIAL 911 immediately

Wildewood is supported by the Westside Volunteer Fire Department 2520 Norris Dr. Chandler TX 75758  903 849 3444


The Henderson County Fire Marshall enforces violations of the Nuisance ordinances such as unmowed weeds, abandoned vehicles, etc.

Septic System Questions

Septic Systems require a permit.  For more information

If you have a complaint about a septic system please use the link above.

For general septic permit questions Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Permit Questions


Electric - Trinity Valley Electric Coop (TVEC) 

Water Monarch/SWWC 

Internet & Phone - There are several providers in this area. Use the contact  us form on the home page if you would like more information.

Trash - Many providers service this area. Use the contact form on the home page to contact us if you would like information