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january, 2019


Wildewood Owners Association Updates

Hello Wildewood from the 2018-2019 Board of Directors!

Please see below for upcoming meeting notice and updates to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on in the community.

Board Meeting

The February Board meeting will be held on the normally scheduled date, February 9, 2019 at 11 AM

News and Updates

Community Center Rental

At the December meeting, the board passed a motion to update the Community Center rental policy. Effective January 1, 2019, WOA members in good standing will be entitled to rent the community center for one day each year at no charge, with a $50 security deposit. Additional rentals will be at the rate of $50. The new contact for the Community Center is Jamie Piersol, please contact Jamie to schedule a rental. 903-724-4355

Architectural Control Committee

At the January meeting, the board passed a motion to appoint John Davis as the Chair of the Architectural Control committee. Committee members remain Dean Spearman and Jamie Piersol. Contact John at 936-204-2027.


At the January meeting, the board passed a motion to move the website to a new hosting format that will be more easily maintained by board members. Parker Regan has served as the webmaster for many years at no charge to WOA and we thank him for his service, but he requested to resign due to other work commitments. The new website has been partially populated. If you would like a sneak peek you can take a look at the temporary address:

The address currently in use will soon be moved to the new site. 

The board will be using a new email address for board business going forward and there is a contact form on the new website that allows users to submit requests to that email.

Street Safety

Several actions have been taken recently to increase street safety in Wildewood. A project is underway to improve the lighting at the intersection of FM 315 and Big Eddy. Step one in that process is to petition TXDOT for a street light and the board will also work with other area associations in the immediate vicinity to attempt to obtain additional lighting.

Our County Commissioner, Clarence McHam, conducted a survey of the neighborhood. The road crew replaced worn out stop signs at Wildewood and Indianola and at Big Eddie and Angelina. In addition, missing street signs will be replaced in the next few weeks at Wildewood and Indianola, Old Mission and Lost Pine, and Lost Pine and Knotty Pine. The report noted that there are 5 different 35 mph speed limit signs in the neighborhood which is considered to be adequate. Speed bumps have been requested by residents but unfortunately speed bumps cannot be placed on county roads.

The street light at Indianola and Wildewood was burned out and was repaired by TVEC. If you notice other street lights that face the street that are burned out, please notify a board member and we will have TVEC replace the bulbs.

Properties for Sale

The following properties are for sale:

Block 8 Lot 58 This is a single vacant lot that could be used for weekend use for a travel trailer, boat trailer storage or potentially combined with other lots to create a home site. Please contact Donna Sparks if you are interested.

215 Indianola Blk 4 Lot 39 Owners are interested in an “as-is” offer. Please contact Robert Fisher 903-279-3174

120 Vista Circle Blk 4 Lots 41 and 42 This property appears on real estate sites such as Zillow or as available through foreclosure. Please use one of these sites if you are interested in the property or the listing agent appears to be Joe Peterson at 214-444-7870.

2018-2019 Board Members

Ray Hensley – President 

Tom Woodin – Vice President 

Teri Dickinson – Secretary/Treasurer 

Jamie Piersol

Guy Sanders 

Nicki Martin 

(Charles) Junior Shafer