March 2019

News and Updates


We Need Your Help – Volunteer Opportunities

Use the Send Us an Email form on the Home Page of the website to contact us if you'd like to volunteer.

1. Nominating committee for June 2019 election is being formed. We need one more property owner to volunteer to serve on the committee. 

2. Open Board Member positions – there are four board positions whose terms expire in 2019. We are currently soliciting for property owners who would like to be nominated and run for the board.

3. Pool Committee – Plans are to open the pool on Memorial Day and the more volunteers there are to help maintain it, the better it will be for everyone. 

4. Neighborhood cleanup – The architectural control committee has received a request from a property owner who would like some help getting the property cleaned up. Please contact John Davis 936-204-2027 if you are able to pitch in and help.

5. Neighborhood Watch – We are still soliciting additional people who would like to assist with a Neighborhood Watch patrol, just making rounds of the neighborhood, looking for and reporting suspicious activity. Please contact Ray Hensley if you would like to volunteer.

Pool and Boat Ramp Access

Electronic access to the pool for this summer is currently being tested. Keys will be issued only to members in good standing, so if you have not yet paid those 2019 maintenance fees, please do so ASAP. More information about key distribution will be provided prior to the pool opening.

A pool cleanup day will be held later in the spring, please consider helping get the pool ready to open.

If you use the boat ramp, PLEASE re-lock the gate after you open it.


A mowing contractor has been selected and mowing of the WOA common areas will begin in April. Keeping the right of ways in front of the lots as well as the lot itself mowed is the property owner’s responsibility. If you have a lot that needs to be mowed and would like to pay to have our contractor mow it, please contact and we can put you in touch with him.

Architectural Control

Please contact John Davis 936-204-2027 if you would like to report lots that have violations of the restrictions. Architectural control is currently working with a number of home owners to have properties cleaned up, so please volunteer to help.