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July 2019

 Meeting Notice

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be held July 13, 2019 at 11 AM at the Wildewood Community Center. Property owners are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The board will meet in executive session to discuss enforcement actions at 7 PM on July 8, 2019 at the community center, this meeting is not open to property owners.


Please remember that for safety and liability reasons (not covered by insurance) lighting fireworks in any part of the Wildewood common areas including community center, pool, boat ramp and playground is strictly prohibited. It’s also illegal to light fireworks on any county or state road and all roads in Wildewood are county roads.

If you do choose to light fireworks on private property, please pay careful attention to where the trash and burning embers are falling so that you don’t endanger or damage someone else’s property. In past years, structures have burned to the ground due fallout from fireworks. Let’s not ask our volunteer firefighters to risk their lives fighting a preventable fire.

911 Addresses

In any kind of emergency, it’s important that fire/ambulance/sheriff’s officers can quickly and easily find the right residence. If you don’t have a good, highly visible street number on your house, please consider adding one for safety’s sake. With that in mind, the Wildewood pool and boat ramp have been assigned 911 addresses. If you need assistance, you can now provide the addresses listed below. Add them to your phone so you’ll have them if you need them!

Wildewood Pool – 298 Wildewood Dr. Chandler, TX 75758

Wildewood Boat Ramp – 490 Wildewood Dr. Chandler, TX 75758

Pool Update

The electronic key fob system is installed and working smoothly. 

Pool Hours are 10 AM – 8 PM Tuesday through Sunday. The pool is closed on Monday.

If you need to obtain a pool key, please contact the board at or 903-202-0964.

Volunteers are currently performing all the maintenance on the pool and all other Wildewood common areas, so if you see a volunteer working, please stop and thank them!