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Accepting nominations for candidates to run for Wildewood board. Contact Ray @ (516)606-4663

February News

We are looking for volunteers for mowing and pool operation. Also, the Board will start taking nominations in March for 3 seats. The election will be held in June.

The City of Chandler will be holding an annual clean up April 1st at River Park, Wildewood residents can bring items to dispose of.

We are asking for people to volunteer on March 25th to help clean up Wildewood, flyers will be posted around the area.
Anyone interested in volunteering can email the board.

December 2016 Newsletter

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New Monthly Meeting Times

Monthly Meetings are now the second Saturday of each month at 11:00 AM

Seeking Board Members

We need 3 volunteers for positions on the board. If interested please fill out contact page or Email with any qualifications you may have. The board will be appointing New Board members at the next meeting.

New Email Address for the Board

For information, request, concerns and questions please Email
We will respond timely with an answer.

Meeting Time Change

The Monthly September 2016 Board/Property Owner Meeting has been cancelled.  The next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 1st, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Pool Hours for Holiday

Wishing all a great Labor Day Holiday and reminder the pool is open 2PM - 6PM on Fri, Sat, Sun and Labor Day

Pool Now Open

The community pool is open for the 2016 season.

Meeting and Pool Update

Meetings will take place at normal dates and times. Election of Board members will be June 4th, Ballots are being mailed out weekend of may 7th.

Swimming pool is being prepared to open May 28th.

Board Member Changes

New board member changes will be announced soon. Check back here for info later in the week.

Boat Ramp Key Info

Just a reminder that the regular meeting that would be on July 2nd has been moved to Thursday evening July 9th at 7 PM. This will prevent the meeting from interfering with any 4th of July activities you have planned.

Additionally a reminder that we have changed the lock on the Boat Ramp Gate. If you need a new key please do the following:
1.  Call me at 903-849-4689
2.  Bring the following information with you 
     a. Boat, pontoon or jet ski TX number(s)
     b. Trailer license number
     c.  Old key - no charge if you turn in old key - $10 if the old key is not returned.
Each new key has a number that will be registered to you. Remember, if you have guests with a boat you must accompany them to the ramp and then re-lock the gate. Keys may not be given to renters/lease holders. 

Presidents Newsletter May

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WOA Pool and Lights Notice

This is a notice of financial need for the swimming pool and community lights. Action MUST be taken by ALL community members at this time. To read the notice click HERE for PDF.

T.A.M.E.R. Water Update


This update will cover several different items that should be of interest to all. This is being done in a Word document so that you may print out just the document and share it with all. Let us begin with the most recent Monarch rate case and work through all of the various cases.

1.A.TAMER VS MONARCH – As you are aware last August Monarch sent out a letter to all of the Monarch ratepayers, both cities and environs listing a 2-stage rate increase beginning January 1, 2014. On Wednesday June 25, 2015 a SOAH Hearing was held in Austin to determine the outcome of the rate case.
1. The following parties were involved in this case – TAMER, Holiday Villages of Fork (represented by Gary George), Denton County Estates (represented by Kathy Nielsen), The Coalition of Cities (Ivanhoe, Buda & Kyle represented by Jim Boyle, attorney), The City of Oak Point (represented by Art Rodriquez, attorney), Monarch (represented by Lambeth Townsend & Mark Zeppa, attorneys & Chuck Profilet, Monarch VP), TCEQ (do not know who was there), OPUC (4attorneys and other staff) all under the control of two SOAH Judges – Elizabeth Drews & Kerry Jo Qualtro. In addition there were about 60 other people there for the hearing and all of those are TAMER members.
2. The offices of Senator Nichols – Adrianne Evans, Senator Eltife – Ryan Wieseman and Representative Flynn – Amanda were present at the hearing and spoke on behalf of the ratepayers.
3. The Office of Public Utility Counsels (OPUC) Spokesperson was Laurie Barker, Deputy Public Counsel, and she and the team from OPUC worked entirely for the Environs ratepayer. They did a wonderful job in conjunction with our attorney David Frederick.
4. While the meeting was supposed to have started at 10AM it seems the building maintenance people had not gotten the word to set up the room. Between the SOAH Judges, the OPUC people and the TAMER folks we set up most of the room and the maintenance folks finally got the sound system working. The meeting finally began around 10:30 AM and ended about 5 PM.

With this background let us get into the meat of the settlement agreed to by TAMER, Monarch, OPUC & the SOAH Judges. Additionally Gary George signed off for Holiday Villages of Fork and our attorney David Frederick signed off for Kathy Nielsen who had left early. Here is the meat of the settlement:
a. The 4.5% increase will not go into effect on July 1, 2015 – more detail below
b. The 9.9% that is in effect now will remain in effect through December 31, 2014
c. On January 1, 2015 a 3% increase will go into effect instead of the 4.5% increase. A reduction of 1.5%. It will e added to the already 9.9% and this will run until at least January 1, 2016.
d. Monarch agreed to not file for any rate increases until after January 1, 2016. This means that they then will be totally under the PUC & OPUC for rate cases, CCN’s and other items. TCEQ will be charged with the maintaining of quality, health issues and other items.
e. Monarch agreed to absorb their legal & expert fees for this case. Keep in mind that this is a substantial sum, since the meter has been running from last August when they sent out the rate increase notices. We have to pay our legal and expert fees.
f. Monarch agreed that “No Rate Case Base” would be established in this case. This means that they will not be able to establish their invested costs until they file a case under the PUC. This is a blessing for us since the rules on equipment are much more stringent under the PUC, plus they must really detail all of these things – which they never did under the TECQ.
g. Monarch agreed to place a notice in their billings describing the complaint process and procedures.
h. True up on winter average for new sewer customer after one year of winter averaging
i. All provisions of the settlement apply to both water & sewer.

In summary, no one like to compromise, however if you look at this realistically you will see that over the next 18 months or so we were able to save all of the Monarch environs customer about $2 million in rates, another perhaps $400,000 in legal fees and move all of the future cases under the PUC with OPUC on our side.

Many compliments to David Frederick (who has stuck with us through thick & thin), Larry Gumpert & wife from Governors Point, Lynea Weatherly from Lake Medina Shores, Shaunett & Rick Higbee from Carolynn Estates, Gary George from Holiday Villages of Fork for making the trip and staying with us through the negotiations. I am sure I have missed some who were there and helped.

A. THE COALITION OF CITIES VS. MONARCH – This group consists of Buda, Ivanhoe & Kyle for the purpose of this hearing. As you know cities have an advantage over environs customers in that they may refuse the new rates until a settlement is reached. This group did reach a settlement that is different than ours, but I cannot give any information about this until each city council has approved the settlement and Monarch, TCEQ & SOAH have signed off. OPUC was not involved in this settlement.

B. THE CITY OF BLUE MOUND VS.MONARCH - We learned that Blue Mound & Monarch had reached a tentative settlement prior to the hearing. Blue Mound was not present at the hearing. No details at this point.

C. THE CITY OF OAK POINT – Art Rodriquez, attorney for the City of Oak Point reached a tentative settlement with Monarch. Again no details are available until the city council and all others have signed off.

2. HORNSBY BEND & WATER UTILITIES VS SWWC – While these two cases were combined as one for the purpose of the hearing on Monday June 23, 2014 it is our understanding that the settlements are somewhat different. Let me separate them for you.

A. HORNSBY BEND VS. SWWC – While I do not have complete details on the settlement I do know that a settlement was reached. Thomas Fritzinger, a TAMER Board member, may at this point have a more complete picture that he can share with us. Incidentally through the work of David Frederick we were able to bring the Texas Rio Grand Legal Assistance group into the case because of the large number of low-income families in this area. A lady by the name of Melia O’Dell, a ratepayer, became involved and will be very helpful going forward. Many thanks to the TRLA for providing assistance. David Frederick and TAMER were involved in this settlement.

B. WATER UTILITIES VS. SWWC – This case was settled and the only person representing this group was a Charles Costanza. He had previously gotten a lot of help from our legal counsel, but during the hearing did not recognize David or TAMER. Kestrel Air Park & Rim Rock Ranch, TAMER members, were not represented at the hearing. Since TAMER was not invited into the negotiations we were not able to help. In looking over the settlement we, TAMER, or our attorney would have agreed to the settlement. Frankly it is a poor settlement in my opinion.

3. WHAT IS NEXT - Even though the rate case is over our work is not done. TAMER & our legal team intend to be involved in the Rules & Regulations proceeding that are and will be taking place by the PUC & OPUC staff. We know that the big 6 IOU’s are already lobbying these people for rules favorable to them.

What can you do to help this process? The first thing you need to do is contact your State Senator & State Representative to let them know that we need their help in getting rules and regulations that protect the ratepayer/consumer on an ongoing basis. If you would like to be part of the group working with the PUC & OPUC on this please let us know.

5. FINANCIAL – Even though the rate case is over that does not mean that TAMER’s role in the ongoing battle with the 6 big IOU’s is over. While it is great that in September 2014 will be transitioning to the PUC from the TCEQ there is much work to be done before the first rate cases begin to pop up. Yes, the OPUC attorneys are going to be on our side, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to have our own attorney and continue to raise funds. As time goes forward we need to be sure that we have the necessary finances to help shape the rules, have experts on our side and continue to work with our legal firm.

For those of you who have contributed generously you have all of the Boards heartfelt thanks. For those of you who have benefited since 1998 and have contributed little or nothing - WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET YOU TO HELP? Even it is 5 dollars, send a check. Frankly it is time to do something. We need your dollars now to pay our legal fees and continue helping all captive Monarch/SWWC ratepayers.
6. FUTURE TAMER MEETINGS - We are planning an annual meeting in October 2015 and would hope that at least one person from each of the subdivisions, cities that are members would be present. More on this later. There are several board members who plan to retire at that time. Some of us have been doing this since 1998 and it is time for others to take over.

In closing let me express my thanks to C. A. Cockrell, Jay Wiesner, Bill Hudgins, David Frederick & John Layford for once again rising to the occasion of “saving our Bacon.”


Water Case Settlement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, June 26, 2014
T.A.M.E.R. and Monarch Utilities Settle Rate Case

Ratepayers challenging Monarch Utilities’ most recent water and sewer rate increases reached a settlement with the utility Wednesday.

Orville Bevel, President of T.A.M.ER. (“Texans Against Monopolies’ Excessive Rates”), which is the largest of the protesting parties, said that his group is reasonably satisfied with settlement. T.A.M.E.R. represents roughly 80 homeowners associations and a number of individuals spread over 22 of the counties served by Monarch. The settlement basically delayed and reduced a scheduled rate increase and locked in a freeze period during which Monarch agreed not to file for further rate increases.

“No one really likes a settlement,” said Bevel, of Chandler on Lake Palestine. “I consider this one acceptable but not great. It locks in rates for the next 18 months, at least until 2016. This is the last of the Monarch rate increases that will be decided under the old regulatory system, which favors utilities and, even, urban/city ratepayers over rural ratepayers. We decided this settlement was the smartest thing to do, given our resources and given the prospect of a much more level playing field after September 1st.” T.A.M.E.R. and its legislative allies, principally Senators Nichols and Watson and Representative Geren, were instrumental in re-writing the State’s water and sewer utility laws last legislative session. Also many kudos to Representatives Flynn, Gooden, Larkin & White and Senator Deuell & Eltife in getting the legislation passed during the 2013 Legislative Session.

T.A.M.E.R. board member CA Cockrell, who lives at Callendar Lake between Tyler and Dallas, was similarly pleased. “We got the ratepayers a slightly better deal. That is a good thing. Ratepayers usually have to pay not only their own litigation costs but, also, the utility’s litigation costs, and this settlement avoided the risk of several 100s of thousands of dollars being assessed against the ratepayers.”

Bill Hudgins, another T.A.M.E.R. board member living in Magnolia/Houston area, lauded the help given ratepayers Wednesday by the Office of Public Utility Counsel (“OPUC”). “This State agency became involved because of the new legislation, and the OPC lawyer was a marvelous help to the ratepayers this time around. Unfortunately, a Monarch water and sewer customer is still paying $110 or more each month before using a drop of water or flushing a single commode, so we have a lot of work yet to do.”

For additional information, please contact Orville Bevel at 903-312-9197 or go to

Water Rate Protest Form

On December 3, 2013 TAMER sent in 1103 signatures on protest sheets to the TCEQ by registered, return receipt mail. The number of petitions we sent is great, but we need to redouble our efforts to get as many as possible.

As before please continue to get signed petitions, mail them to TAMER, P. O. Box 1590, Chandler, Texas 75758 and as we get several hundred will send them registered mail with a cover letter. Also attached is a copy of the protest form.

Protest Form Click Here

T.A.M.E.R Update

1. ANNUAL MEETING -  We have now set the Annual Meeting for Saturday October 5, 2013. The meeting will be held at:
West Lake Baptist Church 
Fellowship Hall
1439 FM 315 South
Chandler, Texas 75758 

The church is located approximately 5 1/2 miles south of the intersection of SR 31 & FM 315 in Chandler, Texas.  If you are approaching from the south on SR 155 you would turn left(west) onto FM 3506 at Coffee City. Proceed west on FM 3506 to where it intersects FM 315 and turn right(north) onto FM 315 and go about 5 miles and the church will be on your right (east). If you need additional directions please let me know and I will provide them. Chandler is only 12 miles from downtown Tyler and there are numerous good motels should you desire to stay over. Excellent restaurants and the Rose Garden are available. The church is just off of Lake Palestine. 

We will have large signs on the right-of-way that same TAMER with an arrow.

Time - Registration will be at 11 AM and we will serve lunch at approximately noon. 

WE NEED YOUR RESERVATIONS STARTING NOW SO THAT WE CAN PLAN ADEQUATELY FOR FOOD, DRINKS, TABLES, AND HANDOUTS. We would hope that at least one (1) person from each group will be present and we would welcome more. Even if you have not been active before we need your help and input now.

Lunch will be provided by the BBQ team that has worked with us before and if you go away hungry it will be your fault. 
Cost - A donation of $8/plate or person is asked and more will be accepted. Whatever BBQ is left over will be sold to those who want it. We will have ribs, sausage, brisket and all the trimmings.  

Agenda - The business meeting will follow lunch and we promise to have you back on the road no later than 4 PM.  David Frederick, our attorney, will be the lead for the meeting and perhaps some of his staff will also be there. No Politicians are being invited to speak, since this is strictly a business meeting to cover numerous items some of which are:
a.  The new laws & how they will affect us.
b.  The potential for an upcoming rate increase letter in November 2013 to be effective in January 2014. 
c.  Electing Board members
d.  The immediate need to raise money to continue the fight.
e.  Establishing go to people in each subdivision, town, etc.

Obviously there will be more to cover. 

GLPC Legislative Review

List of bills passed this regular session that relate to HOA and Water Battle. Click for info. Read More...

Website Changes

The website has been redesigned for easier reading and simplified navigation. With a lighter background and bolder text the information on the site should be quick and easy to access. If you have Lots for Sale or News for the community please submit it to us for posting on the website. Use the Contacts page to submit.

Gov. Rick Perry filed SB 567 and HB 1600

Gov. Rick Perry filed SB 567 and HB 1600 without signature. The PUC will take over the rate making for water rate cases from the TECQ. This is good news for water customers but the Gov. did voice some hesitance to the change. You can read the press release at the below link.

State Bill Update Water Battle

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TAMER Facebook Page Setup

TAMER has a new Facebook page. Please go to the link and like it.

Also, improvements have been made to the TAMER website. Check it out at


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TAMER Responce to South West Water Co.

TAMER Responce to South West Water Co.
Click for PDF


Water Battle news article.

Click Here

TAMER Funding Letter

Please read this letter about funding for the Water Battle!

TAMER Policy Initiative

Click for PDF

West Nile Confirmed Case in Wildewood

Confirmed case of West Nile virus in Wildewood. Please read the following information at the links provided to protect yourselves.

CDC Website on Prevention of West Nile Virus.

Area News Story on West Nile.

New Board Members

On June 2, 2012 the annual meeting was held at the community center. The following is the current board member assignments after the election results.

Joe Haley, President

Danny Harris , VP

John Abbott, Chair of Architectural Committee

Regina Fuerhelm, Chair of Neighborhood Watch

Carolyn Blake
Steve Messer

Doug Hix, Chair of Buildings, Grounds, Pool

Water Battle Settlement !!!


1. As you know the STM case was dismissed and at the same time Monarch/SWWD filed an amended rate case to be considered that was considerably lower than the original case filed last August. They reduced their rate demands from about 62% to about 14.3%. Many of you have seen the sheet sent out by their PR firm touting how they listened to the customers (primarily TAMER & the Coalition of Cities) about the STM & Rate Cases. Regardless the did file this.

2. Last week on the 24th & 25th Monarch/SWWC met with the TCEQ, The Coalition of Cities, TAMER & couple of other cities to discuss the amended rate case. Negotiations were entered into for a settlement and proposals and counter proposals flew back and forth. On the 25th it was agreed to meet on Wednesday May 2nd to see if the various items could be resolved in a settlement.

3. A SETTLEMENT WAS ACHIEVED yesterday after a very long and sometimes contentious day. Attached above is the Monarch Settlement Agreement signed by all parties. The Settlement Agreement Addendum addresses the various other meter sizes on the Sewer portion. Not yet clarified is the Commercial Sewer Customers, but that will be addressed before weeks end.

Let me say at the outset not everyone is going to be happy or elated by this settlement. Frankly I think that the settlement is a very good one and gives all of us as ratepayers some breathing room to prepare for the upcoming legislative session where we need to be sure we get the laws changed. I want to express my sincere appreciation to David Frederick & his Staff, Jim Boyle (attorney for the Coalition of Cities), & Chris Ekrut (consultant) and the TAMER Board for all of the hard work they have put in on behalf of we the ratepayers. The various other groups which are still under the SWWC banner will not be getting a rate increase at this point. We are checking to see what if anything is going to happen in this area - will let everyone know as soon as we hear.

Please feel free to share this with all of your neighbors and friends who are Monarch Ratepayers. Also share this with your various legislators and encourage their help in the next legislative session.

Passing of Barbara Bevel

Click for info

Neighborhood Update

Julie F. Browning would like to sell her property Lot 49 Block 4.
Home # 662-895-1342 4:30 - to 7:30 P.M. during the week or after 12:00 on Sat. and Sunday and before 7:30 P.M. on Sat and Sunday.
Cell phone 901-830-3342. Leave a message and she will call you back ASAP.

Eleanor Brandanger had 2 stints put in her heart Tuesday and went back to the hospital (Wed)tonight and they admitted her.

Kaethe Griffin is going to the Garden Estates Assisstant Living. She has been in rehab and is not walking yet. She had surgery in Germany and had rehab in Tyler.

Neighborhood update.

Doug Hix is home after Heart Surgery.

Pat Cioni Passed away funeral was 12-23-2011.

Dorothy Slider passed away.

Bobby Reems is home after heart surgery,  he is doing well.

Jo Thiebolt has moved back from Colorado as of Jan 3 2012.

Welcome Terry and Rene Sapko, 100 Angelina.

Welcome Ralph and Deborah Sellers, 515 Wildewood Dr.

Welcome Charles Roebke, Springwood Cr.

Scam Alert

If you receive a letter from a Company as listed below, please contact your BBB and your County Attorneyz;
Home Service
 P. O. Box 141274
Austin, Texas 78714-9913
Phone - 1-877-444-7750

Several residents in my area have received a long letter that appears to be tied to Monarch/SWWC and Aqua Texas. As best we can tell this is not true. 
The parent firms of HomeServe USA, Corp. & HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp  are under court orders to cease and desist in Kentucky and Ohio. 

Please do not fall for this and notify the authorities should you receive their letter. This is an attempt to scare you into purchasing a insurance policy that does not pay off. Please share with your neighbors.

Rent the Community Center!

The Wildewood Community has been reserved for Saturday DEC. 10, 2011 (Wedding), and Sunday, DEC. 25, 2011 (Christmas Day Family gathering). The other dates are available for your parties or family events. The cost is $50.00 per day, $50.00 refundable deposit for owners or residents of the community $75.00 for non residents. The key will be available the day before your event. The rental includes, kitchen facilities, 2 restrooms. Chairs, tables, etc. The Center is currently decorated for the Christmas Holidays with table coverings, Christmas tree, etc. To preview, call Dianne Haley 903-574-1883.

T.A.M.E.R. UPDATE 11/28/2011

1.   SOAH Docket No. 582-12-0224 & TCEQ Docket No. 2011 -1533-UCR do actually refer to the STM Case (Sale, Transfer & Merger) and not the rate case. Therefore this is the first order specifically pertaining to the STM case.
2.   The October 10th hearing was the preliminary hearing on the rate case and several motions were filed at that time referring to the STM case. However the official hearing on the STM was on November 8th and also at that time the SOAH Judges ordered the rates rolled back to where they were prior to August 1, 2011.
3.    Please note on the front page of the order that several groups were not admitted as parties to the STM case. Some of those have since joined TAMER. Also these parties were admitted on Nov. 8th, not Oct. 10th.
4.    Contrary to the date shown on the order the parties did not receive the order until Wednesday afternoon (late) of Nov. 23rd and this was by e-mail or fax. Mailed copies have not yet been received. 
5.    The SOAH Judges did not throw out the STM Case as we had requested. Instead they took the case based on very weak arguments by the TCEQ. Who Wouldn't Know That. 
6.   In the body of the order they show how you can go on line and review the orders pertaining to this case and the rate case that is in abeyance. However, I have previously sent to you an easier way of checking. 
7.    The Prehearing and Hearing Schedule pertain only to the STM case and not to the rate case. 

Download Attachment Here

T.A.M.E.R. UPDATE 11/09/2011

Pull up a chair, fasten your seat belt, take a deep breath and hang on we have marvelous news tonight. Most of you won't remember, but during the WW II there was a reporter by the name of Walter Winchell who always opened his nightly radio news show with the following phrase: "Good Evening Mr. & Mrs. America and all the ships at sea, there is good news tonight." And that is what we are going to do:

SOAH HEARING TUESDAY NOVEMBER, 8 2011 - The meeting was scheduled for 10 AM in courtroom 404 of the William P. Clements building on 15th Street in downtown Austin. The room really was not designed to handle the crowd that was there, but thankfully the air conditioning was still working. Don't have an accurate court of how many were there, but they did open an overflow room, well over 100. Additionally they had set up satellite areas in Ft. Worth and San Antonio with both voice and closed circuit TV. This appeared to work well, after a few glitch's. Many thanks to all of you who attended in Austin or the satellite areas.

1.    SOAH Judges Tommy Broyles and Richard Wilfong opened the meeting at 10 AM by outlining what the procedures were going to be and making sure that the various parties to the proceeding were at the front tables where there were microphones were available. There were certainly enough lawyers at the tables. The room was set up as an actual courtroom with the judges and a court reporter elevated above and the various groups at tables below. The audience were to each side of the room and behind the tables and out into the hall. 

After ALJ Broyles finished the procedures portions the meeting was called to order about 10:15 AM. He then outlined that this was a two-part meeting as follows: The first portion would be to address the Oct. 10th preliminary hearing on the Rate Case filed by Monarch/SWWC. The second portion would be to set the Sale, Transfer & Merger (STM) filed by Monarch/SWWC of several other water companies operated under different names, but being merged into Monarch and setting one rate for all. This STM was being contested by TAMER and numerous others as not having been properly filed. ALJ Broyles then notified all parties that the two cases would not be consolidated into one case as Monarch/SWWC had proposed.

2.   As we began the Rate Case portion of the meeting all parties were introduced and several additional parties were named to join in the rate case. I will list all parties at the end of the book. 

3.   Next came the Public Comments section with Elected officials or their staff members being allowed to make statements and enter written letters or papers first. It was really impressive to see the turn-out and the support the ratepayers were receiving from elected officials. Again I will list all who spoke or were there and acknowledged at the end of this. 

After the elected officials and their staff's had spoken it was then opened to the public to speak in Austin, then Ft. Worth & San Antonio. About 35 persons spoke. TAMER individuals did not testify since were being represented by our attorney DAvid Frederick. We would have testified if necessary. We took a break for lunch around 11:30 until about 12:15 and then resumed public testimony. 

4.  A little after 2 PM we go into the real nitty-gritty of why we were there. Let me outline some of the points and then with great fanfare tell you what made this a marvelous day.

    a.  All of the Elected officials had requested that either the rate case be thrown out, the STM case be thrown out of both should happen.
    b.  The Office of Public Interest Council (OPIC) had filed a brief requesting that the rate case be held in abeyance and rates reduced until the STM case was decided.
    c.   TAMER through our attorney David Frederick had filed a brief asking that the rate case be held in abeyance and that the interim rates be established as the rates that were in effect in July 2011 (the old rates). David did an outstanding job of pleading our case.
    d.   The Coalition of Cities had filed for interim rates based on the non-similarity of systems. Did an excellent presentation. 
    e.   Several other smaller groups made presentations and all were variations on what we had proposed.
    f.   Last, but certainly not least Monarch/SWWC through Lambeth Townsend and Mark Zeppa the attorneys made their pleadings. Townsend did all the talking. 

NOW LETS GET TO THE MEAT OF WHAT HAPPENED: Sometime around 3:30PM or a little later the SOAH ALJ's made the following rulings:
1.   The Rate Case is abated. Abated means that discovery, trial or mediation cannot go forward on the rate case until the STM case is resolved.
2.   Because of the abatement the ALJ's did not rule on Monarch's motions to dismiss the STM.
3.   The ALJ's granted our motions to set interim rates. Those interim rates will be the rates you were paying prior to the filing of the rate increase. In other words look at your July bill and those are the rates that will be in place, not those after August 1st. This applies to the base rates, gallonage charges, sewer rates and all other fees. 
4.   The first bill you receive after the meter readings on Nov. 15th will be back at the old rates. This probably will be the December bill. If you do not know what your old rates were please let me know. This applies to the cities also that have final jurisdiction over their rates. Cities like Coffee City will simply go back to the old rates.
5.   No refunds of the overpayments on the new rates since August 1st will be made until the case is finally settled. The ALJ's say they 
cannot issue refunds, only the TCEQ can do that.
6.   Should the STM be thrown out then the entire Rate Case is moot and Monarch/SWWC would have to start over. 
7.   Last but not least the various parties and the ALJ's tried to set up a schedule for the upcoming STM Hearings. No agreement was reached and it was determined that all parties would submit suggested schedules to the ALJ's tomorrow the 10th. A briefing is do on November 18th to hear Monarch/SWWC's motion to dismiss our case concerning the validity of the STM.
8.   In our opinion the STM case will not be dismissed and will go forward. That means that in all likelihood no final decision on the STM case will occur earlier than August of 2012.

9. WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO NOW; We need you to really look at what is being saved in dollars you are now spending for the water and/or sewer bill. With that in mind we (the TAMER Board) are asking you to dig deeper and contribute as follows: Under the rates now imposed my personal water bill is about $50/month more than it was under the old rates. Therefore I plan to contribute at least two months of that saving to TAMER to help defray our legal, expert witnesses and forensic accounts expenses. 

Your bills may be less or more, but without your contributions we cannot finish this case. 

We have won a great victory on November 8th and we must go forward to win the final victory. IT IS UP TO YOU.

1.   Monarch Utilities I, L.P. - Lambeth Townsend, attorney
2.   TCEQ Rate Case- Stefanie Skogen, attorney
3.    OPIC - Scott Humphrey, attorney
4.    TCEQ STM Case - Brian McLeod, attorney
5.    Coalition of Cities - Jim Boyle, attorney
6.    T.A.M.E.R. - David Frederick, attorney
7.     AC River Creek HOA - John Carlton, attorney
8.    Country Bend HOA & 5 others - Art Smith
9.    City of Bulverde - Patrick Lindner, attorney
10.  Denton Creek Estates & 1 other - Kathy Nielson
11.  City of Oak Point - Art Rodriguez, attorney
12.   Windermere/Hornsby Bend HOA - Clark Thompson
13.   Wynnwood(sp) Haven Estates - Tonya Watson

1.   Susan Nold Representing Senator Watson - letter
2.   Representative John Kuempel - testified in person and gave letter.
3.   Claire Wiley representing Representative Mark Strama - letter
4.   Timothy Head representing Rep. John White
5.    Emily Eppright representing Rep. Lyle Larson
6.    Sara Haynes representing Rep. Larry Phillips
7.    Adrianne Emr & Steven Albright representing Senator Nichols
8.    Jeff Stokes representing Rep. Lance Gooden
9.    Katie Ogden representing Senator Jeff Wentworth
10.  Lara Wendler representing Senator John Whitmire
11.  Ryan Wiseman representing Senator Kevin Eltife
There may have been others there that I failed to see or recognize and apologize if I missed anyone. 

Many thanks to the TAMER Board, the individuals who are constantly working on this and to David Frederick, Nakisha Nathan and the rest of David's firm. We are where we are because of the hard work of many. Also many thanks to the new members. 

T.A.M.E.R. UPDATE 11/01/2011

As most, if not all of you know, next Tuesday November 8th is the combined Rate Case & STM Hearing. The following is data on the hearing:

Date - Tuesday November 8, 2011 (Also Election Day, vote early)

Where - William P. Clements Building
              300 West 15th Street
              Courtroom 404 (4th fl)
Time - 10:00 AM

Also there appears to be a video conference to be held at the SOAH San Antonio office. This is located at 10300 Heritage, Suite 250. The phone number there is 210-308-6681.

The meeting on November 8th will be very similar to the Preliminary Meeting held on October 10th. That said it is not imperative that all of you come to this meeting. The meeting room as it now stands is designed to hold somewhere between 50 & 100 people. Hopefully they will have overflow rooms available.

T.A.M.E.R. Board members and our Attorney David Frederick will be there to represent everyone. This time, barring a virus, I will have an e-mail out to everyone on Wednesday the 9th. 

If you do plan to come to the meeting there is a parking garage one block away that charges $12/day for parking. Otherwise street parking is available, but most have meters that have to be fed. 

1.   Continue to be in touch with your State Senators & State Representatives. Although they cannot change the laws prior to 2013 now is the time for us to work with them in drafting laws that will shift the responsibilities to the PUC, reign in the IOU's and make the water/sewer issue consumer friendly.

2.   In order to win this fight we must continue to raise money to pay for our legal fees, expert witnesses and rate specialists. There are several new subdivisions that have already contributed to our funds. However, there are also groups that have not helped at all in the case. Each of those who have not contributed should do so immediately. This will be a long fight and we can only go as far as the money that is donated. 

Please Give Now.


Click for Order PDF

     1.  A large audience of between 250 and 350 people attended the hearing. No final count is yet available, although the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) did ask everyone to fill out a sheet. At some point copies of those sheets may be made available to us. 
     2.  The room was set up so that the SOAH Judges, commonly called ALJ's, were sitting on a platform well above us. Below them were several tables together that had all of the principal attorneys seated facing the the ALJ's. Behind the attorneys the audience was seated.
     3.   For the first hour or so the ALJ's Tommy Broyles & Richard Wilfong outlined the procedure and answered numerous questions from the audience. This was, in my opinion, one of the better run preliminary hearings we have participated in over the years.
     4.  I have attached Order #2 from the ALJ's showing all of the parties that were admitted to the case for your review. 
     5.  From about 11:00 AM until approximately 1:40 PM testimony was taken from several Senators(Deuell, Nichols & Watson) & Representatives offices in the form of letters presented to the ALJ's requesting a suspension of the rates until the STM case had been resolved(more on this later). Also Representative James White of District 12 & Representative Lyle Larson of District 122 testified in person asking for a suspension. After this a lunch break was taken and we were able to talk with many people we had not met before and give them information on TAMER and how the case would proceed. 
     6.   After lunch we reconvened and the TCEQ presented documents to the ALJ's.  Then began the process of the Designation of Parties to the case. We had anticipated that Monarch/SWWC would challenge TAMER's right to be a party and were prepared to present numerous witnesses to show we were representing many ratepayers. Surprisingly the attorneys for Monarch/SWWC agree not to challenge us as a party. A Coalition of Cities represented by attorney Jim Boyle was admitted also. I will not attempt to go through all of the various groups and attorneys that were admitted to the proceeding. However, as you read through Order #2's first two pages you will see that there a lot of parties. A couple of these parties have since contacted TAMER and will be joining with us in the ongoing battle. 

The next big hurdle is the November 8th STM Hearing.  I have had numerous questions as to whether or not we need a large crowd at this hearing and the short answer is NO. Our attorney David Frederick, his staff & members of the TAMER board will handle this next meeting. 

Some have asked how long this case(s) can last and at this point there is no short answer. In all likelihood final settlements will not be made until well into next year. 

B.  PUBLIC HEARING ON OCT.13TH IN DENNISON - State Representative Larry Phillips hosted a public meeting with TCEQ personnel and 3 people for Monarch/SWWC present. Report of the meeting would indicate about 150 ratepayers attended, most if not all are members of TAMER. Many kudos to Representative Phillips for hosting this and running meeting. By separate e-mail tomorrow I will send out a recap of that meeting. 

Many thanks to all the work that Denis Boquist and several others are doing in the Lake Texoma area.

C.  WHAT NEXT -  As soon as I have received a tentative schedule I will let you know. The main thing now is to continue to raise donations. The STM case and the rate case are going forward and we need more funds to stay the course.

Water Battle News Stories

Click the links to get to the news stories.


A. NOTICE OF PRELIMINARY HEARING BY SOAH - While we have not seen the official notice of the hearing it is posted on their website and attached you will find a copy. Please note that the meeting is a 10 AM and this will mean a very early rise or a stay in Austin on Sunday night the 9th of October.

Below you will find the location of the Red Oak Ballroom and the PDF links to Notice documents.

Norris Conference Center * Red Oak Ballroom
2525 West Anderson Lane, Suite 365 Austin, TX 78757
Phone: (512) 451-5011 Fax: (512) 451-1444

Notice of Hearing PDF

Norris Conference Center Info PDF

090711_TAMER_Mtn_for_Interim_Rates PDF

It is very important that we have a huge crowd at this preliminary hearing and get all of the TAMER groups aligned as one. David Frederick and the TAMER Board will be at the hearing early and we will have sign in sheets for everyone to update the information we have. We would suggest that many of your groups look into chartering a bus and thereby lessening the individual driving, plus I do not know anything about parking facilities at this location. We have been told that the auditorium seats about 300 people. In the preliminary hearing in 2007 we had well over 350 people present. We should have more at this meeting.

B. MOTION FILED FOR INTERIM RATES - On September 7, 2011 TAMER filed a motion with ALJ William Newchurch for interim rates. Additionally the Cities of Blue Mound & Plugerville filed resolutions at the same time objecting to the rates and calling into question the STM. The filing and 3 attachments are attached for your review.

A. STATE OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATIVE HEARINGS (SOAH) - The following Judges have been assigned to the Preliminary Hearing on the Monarch Rate Case. Primary Judge will be William Newchurch and the Assistant ALJ will be Tommy Broyles. Many of us know Judge Newchurch from the 2007-2008 rate case.

B.  MONARCH'S STM (SALE,TRANSFER & MERGER) APPLICATION PRELIMINARY HEARING DATE - The TCEQ has acted promptly on the STM complaints filed by many and this is a plus for us. Additionally the TCEQ has already sent the information to SOAH and a preliminary hearing date has been set. The following is pertinent information for all.

TCEQ Docket Number - 2011-1533-UCR
SOAH Docket Number - 582-12-0224
Date of Preliminary Hearing - Tuesday 11/8/11 - Election Day - vote early.
Location and Time - We do not at this point have a location or a time. As we receive that information we will let you know.

No determination has been made at this point as to the type and size of crowd we will want or need.

C.  PROTEST PETITIONS -  There are still several groups that have not sent their petitions into TAMER to be forwarded. While we have more than enough signatures for the hearings it will help us going forward to have as many protests as possible. Remember this battle does not stop with the hearings, but is ongoing into the next legislative session. Our legislators do look at numbers. Please get your petitions in this week. Remember Oct. 1st is the deadline for submission of the protests. If you have sent protests in, but did not copy TAMER please send us a copy. 

D.  DONATIONS - I sound like a broken record, but remember we can only go as far as the money you donate will take us. Some groups have been extremely generous and others are lagging behind. Please send you donations is ASAP. 

E,  TAMER BOARD MEETING -  On October 1, 2011 the TAMER Board and our attorney David Frederick will meet at the Wildewood Community Center in Chandler, Texas. We will meet at 11 AM and lunch will be furnished. While this is not a general invitation to all 20k TAMER members we would invite those of you who are leaders in your community to join us. Would suggest that you have the blessing of your board. 

Water Battle News Story

Click link for this story.

Home for Sale

213 Indianola Rd.
Chandler, Texas  75758

Block 4  Lot 38.
Double wide mobile Home.Very nice.

T.A.M.E.R. UPDATE 7/20/2011

Notice of Public Water Hearing July 28th, 2011

Also, there is a new T.A.M.E.R. website (click here) where you can get information about the water battle and donate money to the fight.

Community Center Rental

The Wildewood Community Center is available for rent for special events or meetings.
The fees are: Wildewood Home Owners  $50.00 per day, Others $75.00 per day
There is a $50.00 deposit, but will be returned if the Center is cleaned and ready for the next event. No alcohol is allowed.

Email to book your special event.
The Community Center features a full kitchen and has plenty of room for family and friends.

New Board Members

An annual meeting, picnic and election was held Saturday, June 4 at the Wildewood Community Center. Your new Board of Directors are: Joe Haley,Danny Harris, Doug Hix, Carolyn Blake, Regina Eli, Peggy Fincher, Charles (Chuck) Sage

The new Board met briefly and chose their officers.  Joe Haley, President, Danny Harris, VP, Peggy Fincher, ST.

We thank those that served their term and for their dedication to the Wildewood Community. Thank you Rosa for serving and thank you Tyersa for stepping in to substitute for a resigning board member.
Your service is appreciated.

T.A.M.E.R. Donations Needed

T.A.M.E.R. (Texans Against Monopolies Excessive Rates) is in need of funding to continue our fight against excessive water/sewer rates. You have saved thousands of dollars over the past few years due to the efforts from T.A.M.E.R. and it is time for every resident to contribute to this fight as we take it to Austin.

Please send $50.00 donations to:

P.O. Box 1590
Chandler, TX 75758

T.A.M.E.R. UPDATE 4/12/2011

Click for update

T.A.M.E.R. UPDATE 3/25/2011

Click for the details. VERY IMPORTANT!


Click here for PDF of water utility battle update.


T.A.M.E.R. – Orville Bevel.

Sunset Advisory Commission has approved to transfer the rate from TCEQ to the PUC. Senator Nichols will sponsor the bill in the Legislature. They hope to get it passed.

There will be a rate increase in January.

Board Change

Frank Ott became the Architectural Chairman at a special meeting in Nov, 2011 and at that meeting the board elected Joe Haley President. Frank subsequently resigned from the board in December.


Orville Bevel has updated us on the latest news with the fight against excessive water rates. Click for the updates in PDF. Read More...


T.A.M.E.R. UPDATE for water fight. Click to read!

New Board Members Elected

New board members were elected at the June meeting. They are listed below. Let’s welcome them to service!

Joe Haley
Frank Ott
James D. Hix
Rosa McDaniel
Regina Eli
Charles Sage, Jr.
Carolyn Blake

For Sale!

Carroll and Virginia Harrison
Lot 53  Block 7 Winterwood Circle in Wildewood Addition   $7,500.00

For Sale!

Michael and Mary Steadman
Phone:  972-938-8706
Lot 51, Block 4  Very Nice place.

T.A.M.E.R. Update

Click for an update on the water battle.

For Sale!

Call Roy Abels  -  903-849-5593
Place for sale.  205 S. Indianola
                         Chandler, Texas  75758
                         Lot 34  Block 10

Key Change Notice

Boat Ramp Key Change April 3rd at 12PM. Bring old key to avoid $5 replacement cost. See attached PDF for more info. Read More...

Lot for Sale!

Michael and Laura Pope
141 Old Mission Rd.
Chandler, Texas
1/2 of lot 2, and lot 3
Mobile home with porch
Call 903-849-4319  if interested

No New Board Members

In this years election no new board members were elected. One member (Parker Ragain) stepped down. Read More...

Lot for Sale

Click on this entry to see ad for this lot. Read More...

T.A.M.E.R Update Water Bill

T.A.M.E.R. Water Utility Update. Click here to read the latest from the front lines. Read More...

Playground Equipment Help Wanted

We are looking for someone to help with repairing the playground equipment and installing new equipment. If you are interested please contact the board by contact page or by phone.