West Nile Confirmed Case in Wildewood

Confirmed case of West Nile virus in Wildewood. Please read the following information at the links provided to protect yourselves.

CDC Website on Prevention of West Nile Virus.

Area News Story on West Nile.

New Board Members

On June 2, 2012 the annual meeting was held at the community center. The following is the current board member assignments after the election results.

Joe Haley, President

Danny Harris , VP

John Abbott, Chair of Architectural Committee

Regina Fuerhelm, Chair of Neighborhood Watch

Carolyn Blake
Steve Messer

Doug Hix, Chair of Buildings, Grounds, Pool

Water Battle Settlement !!!


1. As you know the STM case was dismissed and at the same time Monarch/SWWD filed an amended rate case to be considered that was considerably lower than the original case filed last August. They reduced their rate demands from about 62% to about 14.3%. Many of you have seen the sheet sent out by their PR firm touting how they listened to the customers (primarily TAMER & the Coalition of Cities) about the STM & Rate Cases. Regardless the did file this.

2. Last week on the 24th & 25th Monarch/SWWC met with the TCEQ, The Coalition of Cities, TAMER & couple of other cities to discuss the amended rate case. Negotiations were entered into for a settlement and proposals and counter proposals flew back and forth. On the 25th it was agreed to meet on Wednesday May 2nd to see if the various items could be resolved in a settlement.

3. A SETTLEMENT WAS ACHIEVED yesterday after a very long and sometimes contentious day. Attached above is the Monarch Settlement Agreement signed by all parties. The Settlement Agreement Addendum addresses the various other meter sizes on the Sewer portion. Not yet clarified is the Commercial Sewer Customers, but that will be addressed before weeks end.

Let me say at the outset not everyone is going to be happy or elated by this settlement. Frankly I think that the settlement is a very good one and gives all of us as ratepayers some breathing room to prepare for the upcoming legislative session where we need to be sure we get the laws changed. I want to express my sincere appreciation to David Frederick & his Staff, Jim Boyle (attorney for the Coalition of Cities), & Chris Ekrut (consultant) and the TAMER Board for all of the hard work they have put in on behalf of we the ratepayers. The various other groups which are still under the SWWC banner will not be getting a rate increase at this point. We are checking to see what if anything is going to happen in this area - will let everyone know as soon as we hear.

Please feel free to share this with all of your neighbors and friends who are Monarch Ratepayers. Also share this with your various legislators and encourage their help in the next legislative session.

Passing of Barbara Bevel

Click for info

Neighborhood Update

Julie F. Browning would like to sell her property Lot 49 Block 4.
Home # 662-895-1342 4:30 - to 7:30 P.M. during the week or after 12:00 on Sat. and Sunday and before 7:30 P.M. on Sat and Sunday.
Cell phone 901-830-3342. Leave a message and she will call you back ASAP.

Eleanor Brandanger had 2 stints put in her heart Tuesday and went back to the hospital (Wed)tonight and they admitted her.

Kaethe Griffin is going to the Garden Estates Assisstant Living. She has been in rehab and is not walking yet. She had surgery in Germany and had rehab in Tyler.

Monthly Meeting January 5, 2011 at 7:00 P.M.

Neighborhood update.

Doug Hix is home after Heart Surgery.

Pat Cioni Passed away funeral was 12-23-2011.

Dorothy Slider passed away.

Bobby Reems is home after heart surgery,  he is doing well.

Jo Thiebolt has moved back from Colorado as of Jan 3 2012.

Welcome Terry and Rene Sapko, 100 Angelina.

Welcome Ralph and Deborah Sellers, 515 Wildewood Dr.

Welcome Charles Roebke, Springwood Cr.